Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off to Austin (Texas, that is)

For everyone who has been asking over the last several months, I found out that I'm getting transferred to Austin, Texas for my imminent job promotion. I'll be doing technical field sales for my company and be responsible for supporting and increasing sales in Texas. When am I gone? Mid-October. It'll be a big change, but God is good.
To all those in Illinois - high school friends, church friends, work friends, camp friends, college friends, and others - I have enjoyed calling each and every one of you my friends and getting to know you (some more than others). I hope that I get a chance to see all of you in the next 4/5 weeks before I leave. If not, call me if you're ever in Texas. I'll be happy to share my place or meet up.
As for this blog and my other one, I plan on continuing to use both of them.  This one will be for random thoughts and stories, whereas the Fourth Photography blog will be mainly for my photographic interests.  Also, I plan on actually utilizing my domain name and creating a website for, but that won't be for a little while.  I have to let my portfolio continue to expand and then learn some kind of web programming.  We'll see.
Anyways, it's off to Austin.  But there will probably be more blog posts before then.  Stay tuned!