Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The CEO Said "No!"

As you all may have noticed, I haven't posted any pictures or updated at all regarding my promised trip to Eindhoven, Holland.  That is partially due to the fact that my trip got canceled, and partially due to...  Actually, it's 100% due to the fact that my trip got canceled.  After reviewing the list of people who the company had planned to send to The Netherlands (which is the same country as "Holland" in case any of you were confused - kind of like Canada and "America's Hat"), the CEO decided that they didn't need as many people as was initially thought.

My co-worker, Eric Lisle, got the nod and is currently overseas.  Why did they cancel my trip and not his trip, you ask?  Mainly because my plane ticket was $600 more expensive, but keep in mind that they already decided that they didn't need as many people as they had planned to send.  I've gotten over it, despite the decision to outline some positives and negatives of not going to Holland (seen below).

I had already begun studying Dutch quite intently.  I know how to say "September," "rainy," and "black pepper" thanks to the Dutch app that I have since deleted from my iPhone.  Dutch pronunciation is really strange - I think I'll stick to Spanish and Japanese.
- I had already contacted everyone I know who had lived in the Netherlands, been to the Netherlands, thought about going to the Netherlands, has a Dutch sounding name, or who had seen a Van Gogh painting at some point.  They were a big help in preparing me for my non-existent trip.
- With regards to money, I added (and have since removed) a $5.99 feature to my iPhone plan that allowed me to make calls while overseas for only $0.99/minute.  And I canceled a wedding photography gig this weekend that would have paid me $300.  My company now owes me a trip to Holland and $305.99.
- I spent a couple hours (on and off) packing on Thursday night, as well as a couple hours (on and off) unpacking last night.  If time is money, then my company continues to rack up the debt.
- Finally, I didn't get to go to Holland and rub elbows with the CEO, the COO, and lots of Dutch people.


- I get to watch the Blackhawks-Sharks Western Conference Final playoff series.  You might think this isn't a big deal.  You might say, "Why are you even thinking about hockey if you've got the opportunity to go to The Netherlands?"  On the first point, you're wrong.  It is a big deal.  On the second point, it's not like I would turn down the trip to watch hockey, but now that I'm not going, I DO get to watch it.
- My fantasy baseball teams won't be neglected.
- I get to spend two weekends with my girlfriend, who unknown to me has her own blog.  We wouldn't have seen each other for 6 weeks if I would have left!
- I'll get to attend the 4 golf lessons I would have missed while i was in Einhoven.  So far my 6-iron has really improved, but my woods still need lots of work.

In summary, the difference between going to The Netherlands and not going can be summed up in the below pictures.  Instead of taking pictures of Amsterdam like the one on the left, I end up taking pictures of my ingenious idea to heat up my poptart on my beverage warmer.  Oh well - I guess I'll have to wait till the next "opportunity of a lifetime" rolls around...

 warming up my afternoon snack! mmmm, poptarts... on Twitpic