Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rapid Reaction :: 49ers 10, Bears 6

I don't have time for an entire blog post, but I just wanted to share a couple thoughts about the Bears game tonight.
  • First of all, I think that Ron Turner is kind of backed into a corner.  He obviously knows that they can't run the ball, and that's why Cutler is throwing 52 passes in a game.
  • With a terrible offensive line, it sucks to have to pass that much...  I think Cutler is wishing he were back in Denver at this point in the season.
  • The Bears would be nowhere without him, though.  People are saying that he's overrated.  C'mon, man.  He's a really good quarterback trying to make plays on an awful team.  I guarantee that if we still had Orton, first of all, he would probably have gotten hurt by now with that offensive line; and second of all, we would be 2-7.  We would have beaten the Lions (maybe) and the Browns.
  • Three of the five interceptions weren't Cutler's fault.  The first one was his fault - Cutler's worst pass of the game, until the last one.  For the second one, Hester fell over.  The third one, Hester ran into the stupid referee.  The fourth one was blatant pass interference.  And the fifth one was Cutler having way, way too much faith in Greg "I'm only good at running straight routes and finding open space in a zone defense" Olsen.
  • You can talk about the 3 INTs not being his fault, but when the game is on the line, you can't suck.  You just can't do it.  That's why we signed him to a big contract.
  • Do you think the Broncos would trade back?  Kyle Orton and two first round draft picks would sound great right now.
  • The defense played well against a very average 49er offense.  The only touchdown came from the field position because of the first interception that wasn't Cutler's fault (see above).  I thought there was some effort and intensity... but then again, that could have just been because the 49ers offense is very average.
  • I still think that Cutler looks like an ugly version of Elvis Presley.  Elvis never threw 5 INTs in a game.
  • Kyle Orton once threw 5 INTs in a Bears uniform.
  • When does Spring Training start?
  • I thought high school football was on Friday nights...
I'll hopefully have a regular post soon.  Like I mentioned, I have a lot of good ideas to get out there, I just haven't had the desire recently.  Check out my old posts for now if you haven't already...