Saturday, September 26, 2009

Third Time's the Charm

As promised, a third blog entry.

The Owl City concert on Friday night was about what I expected, except for the live cello and violin players.  I missed the opening act because I was too busy eating two Chicago-style hotdogs at Wrigleyville Dog and selling my extra ticket to a middle-aged Asian man.  I bet he enjoyed the show.  I think it was the same guy that I sold a ticket to last time I went to a show at the Metro - real strange.  Anyways, Owl City played all the songs I was hoping for, and sounded pretty good.  The mix of live strings and synth was pretty cool, but unfortunately, the lead singer didn't really interact with the crowd... ever.  He's still a newer performer, and he'll learn his stuff.  I'd give the concert a 6.5/10.  The extra 0.5 was because I was with some pretty fun people, and we had a good time afterwards.


I was planning on talking about the Illinois football game here too, but I don't really have much to comment on.  I can summarize it like this - Penn State scored more points in the first 11 seconds of their game today than Illinois did all game.  As it turns out, we both lost in a crazy day of college football, but that's besides the point.  I've never seen a team that has looked more confused or unprepared for a game than Illinois has looked in their two primetime games this year (except maybe the first game of the 2003 Bears season when Kordell Stewart made his debut as QB - THEY TRIED RUNNING THE OPTION... IN THE NFL).  In those two games, we've been outscored 67-9.  It comes down to coaching - no game plan.  What game film were they watching?  I can just see the scene: Ron Zook, Juice Williams, Arrelious Benn bring in a couple of the new guys and some of the coordinators to watch game film.  Instead, they pop in the highlight tape from the OSU game two years ago and all ooooh and aaahh as Juice pushes forward for the 4th down conversion.  Then the players leave and all go to FuBar.  You can hear Ron Zook in the background as they all walk away, "Now don't you guys get home too late.  We have to work on looking good tomorrow."  Garbage.  Ohio State didn't have one passing yard in the first half, NOT EVEN ONE!  And they were still up 13.  Time to revamp the coaching staff - I'm not usually one to blame the coaches, but when a team under-performs this badly, something's gotta give.

Tomorrow I might post after each quarter of the Bears game with my thoughts.  Here's my NFL picks for the week:
  • @Detroit over Washington (yes, the Lions will finally win!  maybe)
  • Green Bay over @St. Louis (the Rams just suck)
  • @Minnesota over SF (Mike Singletary tackles Brett Favre on the sideline and draws a 15 yard penalty)
  • Atlanta over @New England (big road win for Matt Ryan - ATL is a favorite to go all the way)
  • @NY Jets over Tennessee (Tennessee still can't shake the fact that they lost that Super Bowl by a YARD)
  • @Philadelphia over KC (I just want to see if there are any dog signs in the stands)
  • NY Giants over @Tampa Bay (Eli throws for 4TDs and 320 yards, only because he's on my fantasy team)
  • @Baltimore over Cleveland (Joe Flacco is ugly, but he can toss the ball)
  • @Houston over Jacksonville (Grossman is Houston's backup!  They must have a good starter)
  • New Orleans over Buffalo (possible score of 52-45)
  • Chicago over @Seattle (I wish I was at this game - I've always wanted to go to Seattle)
  • @San Diego over Miami (Miami is going to know what Tila Tequila felt like)
  • Pittsburgh over @Cincinnati (unless they let Chad Ochocinco kick field goals)
  • @Oakland over Denver (can we see Jamarcus Russell fight Kyle Orton?  Please?)
  • @Arizona over Indianapolis (the Colts won't know what to do with all the extra ball possession)
  • @Dallas over Carolina (To-ny Ro-mo, clap clap, clap clap clap...  sorry)

A final word on music - if you're looking for some good, Christian chill music, check out Shane & Shane's [Upstairs] CD.  Solid.  I've had that on all day as I washed my car, picked up dog crap in my back yard, mowed the lawn, and rearranged my room.