Monday, May 24, 2010

The Next Bride to Be? Probably Not.

Beautiful bridal bouquet that won't bring any good luck to anyone

Fairbury, IL - A recent study has shown that the lucky "single lady" who catches the bridal bouquet during the traditional "catch the bridal bouquet" activity at every single American wedding is not necessarily the next girl among the group to get engaged.  Actually, she's usually not the next one to get engaged.  This news, after many years of believing the contrary, has some women confused, disappointed, and even angry.

Jana Williams of Morton, Illinois recently caught the bouquet shown above during a wedding in central Illinois.  She said that she jockeyed for position and "boxed out" several eager bridesmaids for her chance at imminent engagement.
"I really thought that if I caught it, that meant for sure that I'd be the next one to get a ring.  I was all pumped up too!  With that Beyonce song in the background, it was amazing when the bouquet landed in my arms.  Hopefully, I didn't hurt anyone in that mosh pit.  I just wanted the bouquet!"
Ms. Williams isn't alone.  The unfortunate news has caught many women secretly hoping to be engaged by surprise across the country.  Ladies, take heart in the fact that if he likes it, he'll most likely put a ring on it.  But it won't have anything to do with some other girl's flowers you caught at some other wedding.