Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rainy Day Blog

What's better than a rainy day, the Illinois basketball game on TV, and another blog entry?  Maybe the addition of some popular music in my headphones... just kidding.  Anyways, I had some Mitch Hedburg-esque thoughts about the rain today while I was driving home, so I thought I'd shoot another entry out tonight.

When you stand out in the rain for a while, you think to yourself, "Man, is it wet out here!!"  You also think, "Why am I standing out in the rain?"

Sometimes I like to set my windshield wipers to a slower frequency than they should be.  That way, the water builds up on the windshield, I can't really see where I'm going, it gets really tense, and then everything gets resolved with a flick of rubber.  It's like a suspenseful movie every 5 seconds!  Keeps me awake in the car.

Water always makes transportation more difficult.  No matter whether it's rain, snow, ice on the roads, really foggy conditions, or if your car crashes into a lake and sinks.  That last one is the worst!

I always wanted to meet the guy who invented gutters but didn't think of also inventing gutter guards.  How could that slip your mind, man?  Someone else is making a lot of money that SHOULD have been yours!!  Kind of like the inventor of the blanket who forgot sleeves...

Lightning and thunder always go together, except in lightning storms.  Where does the thunder go?  That's not really a joke, I've just always wondered that...

When I wake up in the morning, I'd rather have it overcast and maybe even raining.  Then I can choose my mood for the day.  When it's sunny, I feel like the world is telling me, "YOU HAVE TO BE REALLY HAPPY TODAY!"  Sometimes, I don't want to be, okay, world?  Overcast is the indifferent weather pattern, and I like it better.

I don't really have anything else on my mind right now.  Check back early next week for another post (hopefully).