Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hit Him Right in the Kiss, Kiss(er)

Please let me know what you think is going through
Sir Paul McCartney's head right now?
(I believe it's "I weep for your generation")

[Kanye's Hit List]

Sorry about the absence from the blogging scene.  I was in Champaign over the weekend watching Illinois "our-punter-is-our-MVP" Football and enjoying homecoming festivities.  On to the current post, which is #8 on the "Kanye Hit List" - the people I would most like to see Kanye West interrupt during a public speech.

8) Chris Brown - We all know what happened to Rihanna when she spoke out of turn...  But seriously, there are plenty of African-American males that I would like to have back me up in a fight.  Kanye West and Chris Brown are not two of them.  Imagine if these two got into a fight after Kanye interrupted CB - Kanye West would probably hire someone to fight for him so that he didn't scuff his new kicks or rip his pink polo.  Chris Brown probably doesn't have the guts to fight whoever Kanye would hire since he only hits girls.  I'd love to see that...

Just so that this entire post isn't about Kanye West, I thought I'd give a little recap of the Blackhawks game last night.  Down 5-0 after 12 minutes (due partially to terrible defense, partially to a terribly overpaid goalie) the Blackhawks tied the largest comeback in NHL history and won 6-5 in overtime.  If you're not following Chicago hockey yet, maybe you should look into it.  I've converted.  In fact, since I'm hopefully going to the game this weekend, if anyone wanted to donate some Blackhawks fan gear to your favorite blogger, let me know...  Anyone?  Didn't think so.  Next thing on my checklist - start following Chicago soccer.  Nahhhhh...