Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Party in the U.S.A.

For all of you expecting another post about Kanye West, I apologize.  Unfortunately, that event happened too long ago and is no longer relevant to this blog.  The internet generation has a very small capacity for storage of information (hence the reason that Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters...  OH NO!  A PARAGRAPH!  WHAT NOW?!!!  I quit...).  So I've decided to keep it as current as possible so as not to strain your brains.  Then maybe I'll return to the Kanye topic and just skip to number one on the countdown.

Right now, the #3 song in the iTunes Top Ten is the Miley Cyrus song "Party in the U.S.A."  (If you haven't heard this song, you're either way too Indie/Scene, not American, or you're deaf.  Whatever the cause, please follow this link for the official music video - Party in the USA)  I've had this song stuck in my head all day due to its catchy-ness and general audio availability and thought it would be a good idea to analyze it - hopefully that will get it out of my cranial region.  Please find my analysis below.

Party in the U.S.A.
by Miley Cyrus 

I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan.
Welcome to the land of fame, excess. Whoa, am I gonna fit in?
My question is, what kind of cardigan are we talking about here, Miley?

 Are we talking this kind of cardigan?
Because that could make a big difference whether or not you fit in while in Los Angeles.

Jumped in the cab, here I am for the first time.
Look to my right and I see the Hollywood sign.
These lines are straight up lies.
There's no way this is Miley Cyrus' first time in LA.
And the Hollywood sign is 15 miles from LAX.
This makes me question the validity of the rest of the song...

This is all so crazy.  Everybody seems so famous.
My tummy's turnin', and I'm feelin' kinda homesick.
Too much pressure, and I'm nervous.
Miley is from Nashville.  It's not like she's never seen famous people before.
I can understand why she's nervous, though.
She's alone, in Los Angeles, and Kobe Bryant has a history...
(too soon?)
On a side note, "My tummy's turnin'" is a great phrase.

That's when the taxi-man (also known as a cab driver) turned on the radio,
And the Jay-Z song was on (3X)
  First of all, this must be one HIP "taxi-man!"
The last couple times I've been in cabs, the music sounded more like this: Taxi Music 

So I put my hands up, they're playin' my song.
The butterflies fly away.
Is this still in the cab?  Might be a little distracting to the "taxi-man."
These butterflies are not to be confused with Fireflies.
That's a different song.

I'm noddin' my head like "Yeah!"
Movin' my hips like "Yeah!"
Take that and rewind it back.
Miley's got the nod to make your booty go... (clap!)

 Got my hands up, they're (still) playin' my song.
I know I'm gonna be okay.

Yeah, it's a party in the U.S.A.
Yeah, it's a party in the U.S.A.

Miley Cyrus + Los Angeles + a taxi = nervous and homesick
Miley Cyrus + Los Angeles + a taxi + her song = Party in the U.S.A.
Very simple math.

 So hard with my girls not around me.
It's definitely not a Nashville party.
Wouldn't a "Nashville party" also be a Party in the U.S.A.?
I'm confused.

This song should probably be called "Party in L.A."
Wouldn't go with the beat though... try it.

'Cause all I see are stilettos.
I guess I never got the memo.
Memo to Miley: all the girls who party in L.A. look like skanks.
That cardigan won't fly...

My tummy's turnin' and I'm feelin' kinda homesick.
Too much pressure and I'm nervous.
That's when the DJ dropped my favorite tune,
And the Britney song was on (3X)
What would happen if Jay-Z and Britney did a song together?
I don't think Miley could handle it.
It would be an Extravaganza in the U.S.A.

Feel like hoppin' on a flight, on a flight.
Back to my hometown tonight, town tonight.
 Well, Southwest has the Wanna Get Away deal for $169 from LAX to Nashville.

Book it, Miley!  Book it now!

 Somethin' stops me every time, every time.
The DJ plays my song, and I feel alright.
Good think that DJ is always ON TOP OF THINGS.
Him and the taxi-man have done a great job of keeping Miley in L.A.
Otherwise she'd be back in Nashville, where (apparently) you can't have a "Party in the U.S.A."

Things I got from this song: (1) Miley Cyrus is very nervous when not in her hometown.  Maybe Hannah Montana is a little more open to the rest of the world. (2) Cab drivers are called taxi-men in Nashville, and like popular music in LA. (3) Girls in L.A. wear stilettos and don't send out memos.

Everyone feel free to have your own Party in the U.S.A.!  One of the great things about freedom - PARTIES!